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DIY vs Roofing Professional

Installing your new roof: DIY or hire a professional, that is the question.

You may be very handy with tools, so installing a metal roof may not seem like a big deal.

However, roofing is a much more involved process than most people can handle, not to mention the unforeseen problems that always crop up.

It’s something to really consider before tackling that project yourself. That is why here at MHT Metal Roofing New Braunfels, we are always here to help answer any of your questions or concerns when it come to your roof.

Let’s look at DIY vs roofing professional – pros and cons.

DIY vs a Roofing Professional What will work best for you?

Pros – Cost.

Installing your metal roof yourself means that you aren’t paying a contractor or his helpers. Even if you throw your brother-in-law some money for helping you (and you should have a helper), it will cost you less in labor than a contractor would charge.

Worries about being scammed or overcharged are gone.

Cons – While contractors do charge for their services, metal roofing is more complicated to install correctly than shingle roofing.

Their workers are trained to work with the materials and methods. While material manufacturers often provide detailed instructions on installation, a person can soon become lost if they have no roofing experience or see unfamiliar terms.

Specialized tools may be required to do the job correctly which the average person wouldn’t be able to obtain.

For instance, contractors usually have special conveyors to transport the heavy materials up to the roof. You may be stuck hauling materials up and down a ladder, which can get old quickly.

Pros – Saving money on materials.

Many big home stores are great resources for choosing your roofing and other needed materials. They can also give you advice on the process, either in the store or on their websites. Some manufacturers even offer kits or systems designed for those who want to do the installation themselves.

Cons – You might be surprised to learn that there are different kinds of metals used in roofing as well as styles in construction.

Choosing the right one for your structure and climate may leave you confused. You’ll also have to buy all the needed tools and equipment before you get started.

Be sure to check with your local government to see if a building permit is required. Checking with your homeowners’ insurance company beforehand is also a good idea. You don’t want to get done with the roof and then find out the insurance company is very unhappy that you didn’t hire a professional.

Those do-it-yourself kits mentioned before go right over the roofing boards. Professional roofers put a wooden grid attached to the rafters before the insulation and metal materials.

This grid is actually where the roofing screws are attached, is extra protection against moisture problems, and provides ventilation, which keeps the attic cooler and lowers your energy bills.

It can also help provide a straight base for the rest of the roof in case part of your roof has a slight bow in one place.

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Pros – Safety concerns.

If you’ve been on a roof before you know that it needs to be dry and relatively leaf-free before walking around. You may be able to rig up a rope system that you and your helpers can hook up to in order to keep a minor slip from turning into something much bigger.

Cons – Work needs to be done with minimal walking around, especially if you are installing over existing asphalt shingles to prevent damage. The more walking, the more potential for slips exist.

Pros – Handling unforeseen problems.

If you educate yourself thoroughly about the installation process beforehand, you’ll know what to look for before finding out about a potential problem you could have handled more simply had you known about it sooner.

Fortunately, manufacturers often provide instructions and there are many resources online, both in print and video, to help you learn.

Cons – Suppose you decided to install your metal roof over an existing shingle roof. Once you get up there and start inspecting your roof, you notice a few missing shingles. Should you replace them or cover them up first? How do you check for possible moisture problems with your roof boards since you don’t know how long those shingles have been missing? What if you bought one of those kits that doesn’t include the wooden grid and you find that your roof has a slight bow that really isn’t visible until you try to lay something over it?

Installing a metal roof yourself may seem like a no-brainer for somebody who’s handy with tools and building things, but a metal roof takes skilled workers with the knowledge to handle and install them correctly.

There are so many things to consider besides just ordering materials and reading up on techniques.

    1. How will you get the materials up to the roof?
    2. Did you make sure to get enough of everything, including more than you need to allow for overhang and overlap?
    3. How will you cut the metal to fit into certain places?
    4. Does your area have special rules for disposing of building material scraps?

It may cost more to hire a professional, but you’ll know that the job is done correctly, that nothing was forgotten, and that you don’t have to worry about it.

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