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Average Lifespan of Roofing Systems

What is the average lifespan or the most popular roofing systems

When you’re building a new home, roof covering is one of the biggest choices to make and deserves some careful thought. How long different types of roofing will last is a very important part of this decision. Weather conditions also have an effect on how long roofing will last. Here in Texas, the damage that […]

Common Causes of Roof Damage

Metal Shingle Roof being installed

There are many things that can damage a roof. Homeowners are often caught in a quandary: do I repair the roof or replace it? Let’s take a look at some of the main causes of roof damage and what should be done about them. As with everything we share here, please contact our roofing contractors […]

DIY vs Roofing Professional

DIY vs a Roofing Professional What will work best for you?

Installing your new roof: DIY or hire a professional, that is the question. You may be very handy with tools, so installing a metal roof may not seem like a big deal. However, roofing is a much more involved process than most people can handle, not to mention the unforeseen problems that always crop up. […]

Busting the Myths

Busting the Myths of having a metal roof

Let’s bust some myths when it comes to metal roofs. Have you ever driven by a house with a metal roof and thought, “I wonder how loud it is in that house when it rains?” or, “Why would someone install a metal roof that is sure to rust in a couple of years?” If so, […]