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Busting the Myths

Let’s bust some myths when it comes to metal roofs.

Have you ever driven by a house with a metal roof and thought, “I wonder how loud it is in that house when it rains?” or, “Why would someone install a metal roof that is sure to rust in a couple of years?”

If so, you are not alone, these thoughts are tied to the list of common misconceptions regarding metal roofs.
To set the record straight, this article will dispel these, and other myths, with facts.

At My HomeTown Metal Roofing, we always believe in providing our clients with the facts and we aim to do just that in this article by dispelling these myths with facts.

Busting the Myths of having a metal roof

Myth – Since shingles are so widely used, they must be better.

People choose asphalt shingles for a number of reasons, one being that shingles have been used for decades making them the most familiar choice. As well as the fact that many homeowners’ are less familiar with the other materials and roofing styles available to them. Another reason is attributed to the ease and speed of its installation. They are the choice for Builders and roofing companies due to less skill being required to install them, which allows them to hire workers with less experience at a lower wage.

Fact – Although widely used by homeowners, standard shingles are not better than metal roofs. This is due in part to their shorter life span, poor energy efficiency rating, and susceptibility to damage from heavy rains, wind, debris, and UV light. Not to mention the devastating impact they have on our environment since shingles end up in our local landfills. Based on these facts it would be best to do what everyone else is not doing, and go metal.

Myth – Metal roofs are hotter in summer.

Fact – Metal roofs actually make a home cooler in the summer due its material reflecting the sun’s heat producing infrared radiation (IR). Unlike shingle roofs, which absorb and maintain the sun’s heat, all of which is transferred to the attic and ultimately in the home. This explains why an A/C unit trying to cool a home with shingles works overtime and requires more maintenance.

Myth – Metal roofs are terribly noisy during rain.

Fact – When installed and insulated properly, the noise decibel of these roofs is comparable to that of any conventional roof. While this myth may have been true 50 years ago, it is no longer the case due to advancements and use of soundproofing materials, as well as improved installation methods.

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Myth – Metal is heavier than other roofing materials, which will put more strain a home’s structure.

Fact – Metal, especially aluminum, is lightweight compared to other materials. For example, a metal roof with standing seam aluminum (0.032 thickness) weighs 69.2 pounds per square, whereas the common 3-tab shingles weigh 195 lbs per square. As if 195 lbs per square is not enough, it is not uncommon for homeowners to just add new layers of shingles on top of old ones when updating or repairing a storm damaged roof. While this practice is not recommended, it goes to show that if a home’s structure can hold up to that amount of weight it is more than capable of supporting a metal roof that is lighter and distributes its weight evenly when panels are used.

Myth – Lightning is more likely to hit a metal roof.

Fact – Metal roofs are as likely to be struck by lightning as any other roofing material.

However, unlike other roofing materials, these roofs are much less likely to suffer a destructive impact in the event a strike does occur. This is due to the electrical charge being spread across the roofing area, rather than staying central to the area of impact.

Other preventive measures a homeowner can take include: install a lightning rod, install the roof on a home with a concrete foundation, and ensure it is grounded.

Myth – The fasteners in metal roofing makes it more prone to leaks.

Fact – The panels of the roof are screwed into the substrate (layer beneath metal) with screws that are designed to prevent leaks. Each screw is drilled into place using a neoprene (rubber) washer that acts as a built-in sealant. The neoprene is resistant to aging, sun, and weather, meaning it won’t deteriorate after a few years.

Myth – These roofs will quickly rust.

Fact – While true at one time, today’s metal roofs have a rust-resistant coating that protects them from rusting. This is also true in areas near a beach where high salt levels in the air prove to be no match for the specially coated roofs.

Myth – They are less attractive than shingles.

Fact – As opposed to the barn style roofs of old that would easily rust, modern metal roofs are an extremely attractive option, offering various colors, textures, and styles to choose from. Rest assured that when it comes time to sell your home, this type of roof will attract potential home buyers for its aesthetics and durability.
As this industry evolves, so will the technology and the products used to compliment these roofing systems. With that, stay tuned for more myth busting…

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